Freelancing.. why should I take this?!

I’ve been working inside an office for more than five years, and six months ago I started searching for remote jobs; I noticed that a lot of them were freelance jobs so I made this question to me: “should I take this kind of job?”

The answer was not so clear to me at first. I thought about the fact that I could be working on a project and being very satisfied and one month/week after the project was over and I was without any income. That may sound scary at first sight. However, I’ve always been that kind of person who loves being challenged and getting better (as professional and human being as well) every single day, so why not take some little risks in order to improve my career path? After all, I would meet a lot of people and get in touch with several companies that could eventually offer me other opportunities and improve my network like no other experience! More over, I would learn new technologies, business models and challenges that would be impossible if I was in a regular company.

As a professional I’ve been trying to be better in what I do and study deeply all aspects of software is like a passion to me. I spend a lot of time reading IT blogs and other areas such as politics and economics is a pleasure to me, as well. But what I like most is studying these fields of interest at home with my notebook and headphones. That makes me wonder that working in this kind of environment sounds like heaven!

These days I was web browsing and I got into a friend’s LinkedIn profile and I noticed that he was working at Toptal as a freelancer. So I got eager to read more and more about this great company, and after some research I knew that was just what I needed. That kind of proactive environment, full of fresh ideas seemed fantastic and I knew I wanted to be part of that. That’s how I plan to take the next step in my career. This way, the answer that was already set in my head just flew out of my mouth: “why should I take this? because that was made to me.”